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There is no one right way to run an organization. There is no “silver bullet” that suggests if you do something to an employee, that it will produce the same result with another employee.

Therefore, there is no single right answer to any employee relations matter. As our client, you know what you need/want and we will work with you to bring our expertise to bear to achieve your desired goals.

Our services are therefore “on demand”. Our employee relations solutions range from securing the best candidates to fill a position to transitioning employees out of your organization.

Our full-service capabilities, which are linked to legal services if required will ensure thoughtful cost-effective solutions at all times

Prepare for the future with our creative employee relations solutions

Our Services

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Human Resources Consulting Services


Non-Hospitality Executive Search


On-line Human Resources Solutions


HR/IR Trouble Shooting Guide

Need / Challenge Potential Reasons Tools / Products Company
Exposure / Liability Poor or non-existent policies & practices
Non-compliance issues
Unfair practices
  • Policy Manual Development
  • Employment Advisory Service
  • Rights Representation
  • HR Review
  • Health & Safety Review
Maintaining Positive Employee Relations High turnover
Dissatisifed empolyees
Unfair practices
Untrained managers
Inconsistent policy application
  • Policy Manual Development
  • Employment Advisory Service
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Management Training
Managing Within A Unionized Environment Untrained managers
Conflicting policies
Inconsistent application of the CA
  • Policy Manual Development
  • Empolyment Advisory Service
  • Management Training
High Turnover Dissatisfied employees
Improper hiring
Poor performance management
  • Empolyee Satisfaction Survey
  • Better Screening
  • Better Hiring
  • Management Training
Attraction / Retention Lack of fit with corporate culture
Lack of aligned and engaged employees
Lack of skilled resources
  • Search
  • Better Screening
  • Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • HR Consulting
Productivity Lack of performance management
Age demographics
  • Strategic planning
  • HR Review
  • Management
Looking for a custom solution ?

Please give John Platz or Joshua Platz a call and we can assure you that we will locate the appropriate game plan for you.

John 1-519-766-3622   jplatz@mgl.ca Joshua 1-416-583-3501   joshua@globalhospitality.com